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How Can HRNetwork Help You?

Change is what is changing. Welcome to the new world of Digital Disruption, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the birth and rise of Exponential Organisations (Exos). Confused with all these emergent terminologies? These are more than buzzwords, They are the new language of business. We are here to assist, guide, help and learn!

HRNetwork is a well trusted, established, innovative and cutting edge Business, Organisation Development and HR consulting partner. We deliver Bespoke services and solutions from strategy to implementation. We work with our clients to radically shift and accelerate thinking, strategies and operations - we Build Exos!

 HRNetwork prides itself on our ability to challenge and innovate. Like-minded clients who recognise that the "old" Business and People models are in decline, choose to journey and learn with us.  Our tailor-made consulting services and solutions draw on global and local thought leadership. Our team of 20 exceptional, experienced, local Senior Specialists, based in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Windhoek, are leading the way. We utilise innovative technologies that accelerate learning to propel human capital and businesses thereby fast tracking their growth trajectory.

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Our highly skilled professionals provide the following specialist services:


HRNetwork screens and recruits top talent for the country’s biggest brands to help them reach their organisational objectives. Our competitive placement fee is a once-off cost that ensures you can budget effectively while the top talent is sourced for your organisation! While we have an extensive database in our network, we do NOT only rely on this.

Transformational Storyboarding

Designed for organisations striving to initiate and sustain an innovative culture of change and transformation by unlocking innate individual and collective wisdoms. Eight Storyboard Transformers™ is unlike any other programme. Eight Storyboard Transformers™ works at the levels of tapping deep spiritual wisdoms through the sharing of knowledge, values and behaviours to achieve real and lasting individual and organisational transformation.

Accredited Training Courses

(Continuous Professional Development - Accredited by the SABPP) All of our training is run in house specified to our clients needs or we can offer you public and online training. Our accredited training courses include: HR Workshops and Seminars and "How To" Workshops and Seminars.

Performance Management

Performance Management is a formal management process for harnessing, directing, evaluating, measuring and rewarding human effort, competence and talent in realising an organisation’s vision, mission and objectives. We design and implement either manual OR web-based Performance Management solutions that work!

Labour Relations

HRNetwork is a specialist in the Labour Relations Act and can provide consulting and advice on all matters related to unionized employment. Our national specialists navigate you through the myriad of complex labour laws & procedures and provide practical support & advice in managing employees from across the spectrum, including unionised and non-unionised employees. Our Labour consultants have worked with a wide range of both listed and unlisted companies operating in a number of sectors including building & construction, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare and retail.

Organisational Development

HRNetwork has become renowned for its ability to design custom organisational development strategies for businesses across all sectors. Our professionalism and experience ensure that change can be integrated into your organisation seamlessly and with minimal time to competence. Well integrated organisational change means better profitability and more productivity from your employees and HRNetwork has the skills and management techniques to help you address your organisation’s needs from the top down.

Why Work With HRNetwork?

We’re the Best at What We Do

We’re the Best at What We Do

At HRNetwork we use a unique approach to add value to your business, a value that far outweighs the cost of your investment. We deliver outstanding quality and we take the time to understand the unique challenges faced by each client in their particular context.

We Offer a Superior Business Model

We Offer a Superior Business Model

As a leading HR management consultancy we have a proven track record, experience, capacity and capability to size up and down across disciplines, based on our clients’ specific project requirements.

We Value the Ties That Bind

We Value the Ties That Bind

HRNetwork has strong working relations with a many highly skilled, thought and practice leaders who form part of our net of project resources. We draw on this extensive specialist business consulting network.

Our Solutions are Cost-Effective

Our Solutions are Cost-Effective

Our operating model puts us in a strategic position to offer innovative, cost effective value to our clients.

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What our Clients say...

We love to hear from our clients and gain insight into their experience with HRNetwork.

How Can We Help You Today?

HRNetwork is a specialist in the dynamics of relationships and the ties that bind: between businesses, between employees and between employees and management. Our ability to assess the structures, people, culture and dynamics in organisations enables us to create strategies that streamline business operations and help companies of all sizes achieve their HR objectives.

Leadership and management development is instrumental to shape any business’ development strategy. Good leaders need to be flexible and be looking to improve and increase their knowledge and understanding on a continual basis. We offer a range of specialist leadership courses to empower business leaders.

HRNetwork provides expert recruitment and staffing solutions for organisations that want to align their HR objectives with their organisational needs.

With our vast knowledge and experience of businesses processes across a number of sectors HRNetwork offers strategic leadership consulting services to help you improve and expand your business operations.

HRNetwork has become renowned for its ability to design custom organisational development strategies for businesses across all sectors. Our professionalism and experience ensure that change can be integrated into your organisation seamlessly and with minimal time to competence.

Changing the way that things have always been done is often easier in principle than in practice, especially when it comes to effecting change at an organisational level. In business we might have been taught not to fix what isn’t broken and employees may be thoroughly set in their ways, but it is only through implementing change that organisations can grow and go on to achieve bigger and better things.

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  • HRNetwork under Stan Horwitz has worked for Parliament for many years on amongst others the following projects: 1. Development and implementation of the performance system for Parliament; 2. Skills audit and training & development; 3. Facilitating development of engagement strategy for management and unions in Parliament During this time I found him and his team to be exceptionally professional, they delivered on their contractual obligation exceptionally well. Parliament kept on going back to the team for help whenever they needed a knowledgeable team to render a speedy service!
    Mrs Nomonde Keswa | Divisional Head Legislation and Oversight | NATIONAL PARLIAMENT
  • HRNetwork were engaged to reconstruct our human resources function and assist with effecting change. They were involved in the appointment of management and the current managing director. They are involved and relate to the specific issues. A caring and human face
    Robert Kaplan | Chairman Cape Gate
  • In my previous capacity as Strategic Transformation Consultant in the CEO's office at Stellenbosch Farmers' Winery I had the opportunity to work closely with Stan who was the external consultant during a SAP Implementation Project. Stan was responsible for the Change Management facets of the project and provided both great strategic focus to the executive team as well as empathetic support to the change agents and employees affected by the change. He is able to successfully integrate the technical and human elements in order to ensure effective project implementation. Amongst other interventions we conducted a comprehensive Attitude Survey that was used as a vehicle for driving change.
    Anthony Hill | Director Future Mangers (Pty) Ltd
  • I have over many years worked with Stan Horwitz of HRNetwork and have always found him to be knoweldgeable and professional. Stan is higely committed to his clients and works with real care and passion. I would without hesitation recommend him/HRNetwork for any HR related project.
    Cathi Eastment
  • Stan assisted the City of Cape Town`s Traffic Department during 2011 with the development of a Strategy. His knowledge on the development of strategy is excellent. He is also an excellent facilitator and have definitely add value to the Traffic Department. The management team of the Traffic Department was very impressed by his professionalism.
    Barry Gouws | City of Cape Town | Business Improvement Unit
  • HR Network have assisted the Parliamentary Service with a few projects, the 2 most notable are. 1. A Relationship by Objectives (RBO) exercise between Management and Organised Labour. Their understanding of the sources of conflict and facilitation skills greatly assisted these parties to move closer to one another. The facilitation undertaken greatly assisted the parties to develop the relationship we enjoy today. 2. A Team Building Exercise for HR Dept: This process allowed the HR team to become even more cohesive. Again. the knowledge of the facilitators around HR and the HR dynamics assisted in making this a success. Riga has used HRNetwork for various HR related matters over the past few years and has found them to be knowledgeable and provide a professional service. They have been a great ally in resolving some tricky employee matters. Services we used them for were the Employee Disciplinary Process, Policy and Procedures Manual, Employment Equity and other general advice
    Shelly Pitout | Riga Boutique CC | FINANCIAL MANAGER
  • Stan and the team have been great over the years and have a very hands on approach to the job - they become part of your team! We launched a new product in a short space of time at the Land Bank and they came on board, got up to speed and did the training as if they had been involved for years. Stan remains involved even after the job has been completed and he guides you through challenges. It is great to have somebody so clued up on HR matters to call on.
    Ingrid du Toit | Land Bank and HSRC SARPN Projects
  • We have recently had the pleasure of working with HR Net in developing our Human Capital Development Strategy. We found the company responsive to our needs and willing to accommodate the very tight timeframes set by our organisation for the completion thereof. The workshops held were very interactive and generated lots of participation. The final draft was approved with very little amendments to the content; which proved that even in such a short time period; HR Net understood our business and were able to produce a strategy that is practical and implementable. I would definitely recommend HR Net for any HR related projects. In the past they have also assisted our organisation with facilitation of various processes related to strategy; and have found them to be experts in their field and the services rendered to be professional and of a high quality and standard.
    Cape Nature | Human Resource Manager | Human Resources
  • "HR Network was a equal part in a consortium called OD Net who were appointed to assist the Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC) and Supplier Park Development Company (SPDC) merge into one new entity with an expanded mandate. Both entities were diverse in its nature of business, are government owned and operate in the very demanding automotive environment so a challenging process was anticipated. OD Net's appointment was also done relatively late and they were brought onboard 3 months prior to merger effective date. Despite this they endeavoured to support the process by going well beyond their mandate and had to very often respond to changes in plans and additional reporting deadlines with extremely short notice. Their team always conducted themselves professionally and understood the challenges that our environment brought, in so doing we managed to focus on the key deliverables and successfully complete the project."
    Barlow Manilal | Chief Executive Officer