Performance Management

We design and implement either manual OR web-based Performance Management solutions that work!

  • Do you have an organisational or balanced scorecard?
  • Do you use “dashboards”?
  • Do you have individual scorecards and performance contracts?
  • Do you measure performance (individual and organisational)
  • Do you have a Performance management system and processes?
  • Do you reward Top talent and performers as well as manage your Poor performers/
  • Do you have a performance culture?
  • Do you battle with productivity?

Wherever you answered yes or no to all or some of these questions, HR Network assists you in identifying and addressing any gaps or even supporting you to enhance current performance and performance measurements. We align individual and organisational performance and effect performance improvement through measurement.

But what exactly is Performance Management (PM)?

PM is a formal management process for harnessing, directing, evaluating, measuring and rewarding human effort, competence and talent in realising an organisation's vision, mission and objectives.

HRNetwork’s integrated philosophy to PM is illustrated below in a simplistic image:

Principles that underpin Performance Management:

  1. Agreed framework of planned goals, standards and competence requirements (agreement between manager and individual on expectations)
  2. Process (not just a systems of forms and procedures) it is the ACTIONS people take to achieve the delivery of results
  3. Shared understanding (individuals need to have a shared understanding about high level plans and what organisational objectives they are working towards
  4. Approach to managing and developing people (how employees work together and develop their skills and knowledge)
  5. Geared towards achievement (it is about job related success for the individuals so they can make the best use of their abilities)
  6. The process owned and driven by line managers

Advantages and Benefits of both of HR Networks’ Manual and Web based Performance Management Systems:

performance management flow