Organisational Development & Design

The Organisational Development Process

HRNetwork has become renowned for its ability to design custom organisational development strategies for businesses across all sectors. Our professionalism and experience ensure that change can be integrated into your organisation seamlessly and with minimal time to competence.

Well integrated organisational change means better profitability and more productivity from your employees and HRNetwork has the skills and management techniques to help you address your organisation’s needs from the top down.

We are often asked to explain what is Organisation Development. Based on 25 years of practical experience, knowledge and studies, Stan Horwitz, Master OD practitioner, defines OD as:

"OD is a transformative leap to a desired vision utilising, in a conscious, planned manner, a body of knowledge, wisdoms and practice, thereby enhancing organisational performance and individual development. OD, is long range and not a quick fix. It views the organisation as a complex system of systems that exist within a larger system, each of which has its own attributes and degrees of alignment, interconnectivity and complexity. OD interventions in these systems are inclusive methodologies and approaches to futurology, strategic planning, organisation design, leadership development, change management, performance management, coaching, diversity, work/life balance and Transformational Storyboarding." Stan Horwitz, HRNetwork June 2013

HR Network partners clients in futuring their organisations utilising our vast experience in the fields of Futurology, Strategic Planning, Organisation Design, Leadership Development, Change Management, Performance effectiveness and management, Coaching, Diversity, Work/life balance and our leading edge OD process - Transformational Storyboarding.

Contact us and we will partner to guide you in achieving the transformative leap.