Labour Relations

HRNetwork is a specialist in the Labour Relations Act and can provide consulting and advice on all matters related to unionized employment.

Our areas of Labour Relations specialty include:

Disciplinary Hearings | Grievance Hearings | Facilitation Services | Chairing Appeals | HR Audits | Conflict Resolution Services | Strike Management | Labour Litigation | Labour Relation Training | Contractual & Statutory Compliance

HRNetwork provides organisations with a suite of niche services customised to ensure practical and sustainable solutions to ongoing employment & labour relations challenges.

Our national specialists navigate you through the myriad of complex labour laws & procedures and provide practical support; advice in managing employees from across the spectrum, including unionised and non-unionised employees.

Our Labour consultants have worked with a wide range of both listed and unlisted companies operating in a number of sectors including building & construction, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare and retail.

We provide multi-disciplinary labour law, consulting and training services including:


We are the ideal hearing aid! We advise or chair disciplinary hearings. We are thorough, cautious and never skimp or short circuit the process. Our disciplinary findings and reports are always detailed, well thought through and reasoned.

We advise on “how to manage” employee misconduct – from investigating, charging and suspending to how to present a case at a disciplinary hearing. Alternatively we can take away the hassle by acting as the prosecutor in your internal disciplinary hearings. We are well equipped to advise or prosecute cases of serious misconduct including theft, corruption, fraud, assault, sexual harassment, negligence and insubordination to name but a few.

We advise / gear up processes to manage poor work performance and other forms of incapacity (ill health and injury) impacting on operational efficiency and productivity. We also chair performance hearings.

Safeguard yourself against constructive dismissal claims! We provide practical advice on “how to handle” employee grievances or we can facilitate / chair your grievance hearings.


We provide cutting edge training on all aspects of practical labour relations management. Our in house programmes are custom built and tailor made to meet your needs. Training courses include: How to Chair a Disciplinary Hearing; Managing Absenteeism and Sick Leave Abuse; Managing Theft; Getting Rid of Dead Wood; Practical Labour Law for Line Managers.

Strike Management

We provide advisory services or are able to lead your team in the management of strike action. Services include:

Ensuring organisational readiness.

Assistance in the formulation of strike contingency plans.

Negotiating picketing rules.

Pro active communication with strikers and non strikers.

Managing the press & security detail

Negotiating strike resolution.

Organisational Restructuring

We provide advisory services or are able to lead consultation processes with employees and trade
unions on closures, right-sizing and merging business entities.

Services include:

Ensuring organisational readiness

Preparing information to motivate the business case for change

Drafting letters, fair selection

Engaging with unions and employees

Designing Communication Processes

Online purchases of Labour Relations tools, templates and documents

If you require ready to go documents, we recommend you visit, buy and download from our HR Shop. HR Shop is our dynamic, innovative on-line one-stop portal offering a wide range of HR Products (downloadable MS Office documents, presentations and spreadsheets). The HR Shop offers easy to use products which can be customised to suit your specific environment and needs.

Some Labour Relations tools, templates and documents available to purchase at great prices from include:

  • Appeal Against Disciplinary Action
  • Disciplinary Code Of Offences
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Final Notice of Disciplinary Enquiry
  • Grievance Forms
  • Guideline Schedule for Offences and Sanctions
  • Letter of Ordinary Dismissal
  • Letter of Summary Dismissal
  • Notice of Disciplinary Enquiry
  • Notification of Retrenchment Letter
  • Record of a Disciplinary Enquiry
  • Retrenchment Process - Non-unionised
  • Senior Letter of Appointment
  • Separation Agreement
  • Written Warning Template

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