Team Building

Let the Journey Begin With HRNetwork’ s Highly Successful, Fun and Practical Dream Team  Building Event

The primary focus and outcome of this team building event is to unify and align the team to better performance and relationships. Team members gain a better insight of what each Team member in each functional grouping does at an operational level in order to better understand and appreciate the interdependencies of the functions, teams and individuals. The session is geared towards driving change…

The idea behind team building is to develop a sense of not only the organisational functions performed but also to get to know the person behind the function and establish change and a new “brand”!


This team building session comprises a mix of social, business and fun change session that is practical and run over 2 days at a venue organised by the client. While it is recognised that a team cannot be “built” in one or two days as an exercise, HRNetwork has developed a practical approach which incorporates all the aspects of building a successful dynamic and energetic team geared to meet their desired goals of the team. Broadly speaking the objectives of the team building session are:

  • Ensure a common vision and common understanding (individual and organisation)
  • Understand the roles, functions and objectives of each Section
  • Enable participants to “Clear the deck” and have time for catharsis, given the expansion of the team and surface all issues hindering progress / movement forward. The session will aim to deal with interpersonal conflicts that may exist
  • Reaffirm (briefly) the vision, strategies, business / organisational plans and roles going forward
  • For the group can get to understand themselves better (EQ)
  • To gain a better understanding of other members of the group and the value of diversity in its broadest definition
  • To develop an improved constructive and positive attitude towards each other
  • Establish team culture, values and rules, and brand
  • Identify next steps and the way forward
  • HAVE FUN and reduce stress!!!!!
  • Develop a set of principles for going forward

As facilitators, our role is to enable the environment and process to shift and move the team building participants to developing shared understanding and agreements around the issues involved. Our role is not to act as arbitrators in the process or to take positions.

Our approach to Team Building is to develop participants understanding that to build a team embracing change takes time and effort. We commence the process by providing structured learning opportunities for experiential reflective learning by the participants. As such we have developed and facilitated a highly successful event which we have now branded the HRNetwork’ s “Dream Team Booster”.

The session is based on fun, applied organisational and personal learning. It is based on seven key Practices of Dream Teams:

  • Commitment to a clear Vision and Mission
  • Clearly defined roles
  • Individual Competencies
  • Winning attitudes
  • Empowering Communications
  • Win- win co-operation
  • Mutual support and encouragement

Dream Team Event outline:

Day 1: (Start at 08H30)

Introduction, welcome, purpose and objectives (30 minutes)

Lies, lies and more damned lies (60 minutes)

TEA (15 minutes)

Management presentations (4 x 20 minute presentations by Heads – “Challenges facing us and the way forward”)

Q&A Session

The Communication game (60 minutes)

Lunch (12H30-13H30)

Envisioning exercises (90 minutes)

TEA (15 minutes)

Identification of barriers to team performance and unlocking mechanisms – 7 practices of dream teams (30 minutes)

Day 2: (Start at 8.30 am)

Ice breaker activity (15 minutes)

Clearing the deck (45 minutes)

Debrief (15 Minutes)

TEA 15 minutes

Team Profile Assessment - Belbin (60 minutes)

Outdoor experiential activities and Team rules (90 minutes)

LUNCH (13H00-13H45)

Facilitation of high level planning for the Section (90 minutes)

Facilitation of high level planning for the team using the CAPS strategic Approach (Aligned organisational and individual performance and values)

TEA (15H00-15H15)

Identify next steps and the way forward (45 minutes)