Stakeholder Partnership Enablement (SPE)

Complex organisations, striving to effect successful transformation and change efforts are frequently blindsided by a lack of genuine integration amongst key stakeholders. Often competing frames of reference and worldviews combined with differing interest basses result in competing agendas and mandates. This undermines the successful achievement of organisational purpose, strategies, efforts and returns.

Having worked with numerous clients, we at HRNetwork are acutely aware that the lack of integration and alignment means that change and transformation targets and objectives are often doomed even before they even start! “Politics” and the “politics of politics” at varying levels of consciousness and awareness result in covert and overt conflicts.

Consciousness of stakeholders’ “positions” and the drawing-out and on collective, collaborative wisdoms, goodwill in a spirit of co-operative engaged Stakeholder Partnership Enablement requires skilled interventions that are often best achieved with the support of external, neutral, experienced OD practitioners.

Stakeholder Partnership Enablement SPE is a unique HRNetwork approach whereby transformation and change are led and managed in a planned, conscious manner to the benefit of all the interdependent stakeholders (including customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, and the larger communities in which the organisation participates).

By creating an environment that serves the needs of all its stakeholder groupings leadership build on collective values and understanding, competing interest based substantive divides by finding emergent, creative, collaborative big win-wins.

At HR Network we help our client to consciously unlock their SPE recognising the unique set of expectations, contributions and mandate that each stakeholder group brings to the business / organisation.

The social, economic, environmental worlds are integrated and enabled through our SPE framework.

Our Approach to SPE

There are a number of characteristics of Stakeholder Partnership Enablement. These include:

Each stakeholder seeks all-win solutions
Communications flow freely
Trust and openness are norms
All understand that no one benefits from exploitation of the other
Innovation is encouraged
Each partner is aware of the other stakeholders’ needs, concerns and objectives
Overall performance and outcomes are improved
Purpose is defined

In order to affect Stakeholder Partnership Enablement, a number of Stakeholder Partnership questions addressed for Partnership Success:

How the decision to engage in partnering was reached?
Are the top decision-makers in each stakeholder organisation fully committed the partnering success?
Is there an “elephant in the room” that is not addressed in the partnering relationship?
Are the stakeholders serious about assessment and follow-up and through?
Do personal conflicts threaten to undermine the partnering effort?

Foundations of SPE

Conscious Leadership amongst stakeholders who are committed to success is core to enablement and the value creation process.

This requires a focus on stakeholder enablement of common and aligned:

  • Organisational purpose, goals, objectives, metrics, values, culture and its people
  • Partnership Model - including Policies, procedures and practices (The three P’s)
  • Monitoring and evaluation framework focusing on governance and metrics

Emerging from and aligned to the Stakeholder Partnership Enablement, the following services are further provided for full implementation by HRNetwork as part of the follow on emerging phases:

  • Strategic planning
  • Transformations / Change project and Change Management

For successful Stakeholder Partnership Enablement …….

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