HRNetwork has a track record of providing numerous types of internal and external surveys to both public and private sector clients. These surveys are conducted either manually or online dependent on client requirements and technological capabilities.

Our methodology includes:

  • Understanding the client needs and requirements
  • Developing project plans with deliverables measurements and outcomes
  • Identifying stakeholders
  • Identifying sample methodologies
  • Selecting appropriate technologies for conducting surveys
  • Developing both quantitative and all qualitative interview/surveys and hybrid versions thereof
  • Selection of appropriate scales
  • Liaising with IT departments (where applicable)
  • Collating and analysing all data
  • Developing comprehensive reports
  • Presenting reports
  • Presentation of findings plus recommendations to key stakeholders

We have the capability and experience to develop customised surveys specific to clients’ requirements. To date, we have successfully developed and implemented following types of surveys:

  • 360° leadership surveys
  • Climate surveys
  • Culture surveys
  • Change readiness surveys
  • Customer surveys
  • Program evaluation surveys
  • Performance assessment surveys
  • Attitudinal surveys
  • Salary/rewards surveys

Whatever your survey requirements, meet our specialist team for a confidential discussion. Our comprehensive range of surveys combined with our analytical ability, attention to detail, thorough understanding of business/organisations, facilitative skills and passion to make a difference make us your ideal partner to provide action plans based on data in order to shift and improve performance