HR Policies, Tools & Job Descriptions


At HR Network we have a wide range of readily accessible HR policies, tools and job descriptions. We have vast experience of developing “employee manuals”, writing and customising HR policies, tools and job descriptions for our clients. We also develop specific job profiles and performance scorecards for clients at every level.

Online purchases of HR policies, tools and job descriptions

If you require ready to go documents, we recommend you visit, buy and download from our HR Shop. HR Shop is our dynamic, innovative on-line one-stop portal offering a wide range of HR Products (downloadable MS Office documents, presentations and spreadsheets). The HR Shop offers easy to use products which can be customised to suit your specific environment and needs.

Some HR policies available to purchase at great prices from include:

Some Job descriptions / job profiles available to purchase at great prices from include:

  • Attendance Management Policy
  • Career Path Management Policy
  • Development for Future Position Policy
  • Emergency Procedure Policy
  • Employee Counselling and Work-life Initiatives Policy
  • Grievance Policy
  • Internet & Email Policy 1
  • Internet & Email Policy 2
  • Internet & Email Policy 3
  • Job Training & Development Policy
  • Leave Policy
  • Property Abuse Policy
  • Recruitment Policy for Monthly Paid Staff
  • Reward and Incentive Policy
  • Safety and Loss Prevention Policy
  • Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Staff Employment Record Keeping Policy
  • Study Loan Policy
  • Termination of Employment Policy
  • Training Policy
  • Travel Reimbursement Policy
  • Account Manager Job Profile
  • Administrative Assistant Job Profile
  • Bookkeeper Job Profile
  • Cleaner Job Profile
  • Data Capturer Job Profile
  • Day Manager Job Profile
  • Financial Officer Job Profile
  • Girl Friday Job Profile
  • HIV AIDS Counselor Job Profile
  • Human Resources Manager Job Profile
  • Information Systems Assistant Job Profile
  • Information Systems Manager Job Profile
  • IT Technician Job Profile
  • Job Description Template Job Profile
  • Manager Job Profile
  • Managing Director Job Profile
  • Marketing & Communications Officer Job Profile
  • MS Project Administrator Job Profile
  • Personal Assistant Job Profile
  • Receptionist Job Profile
  • Sales Consultant Job Profile
  • Senior Manager Job Profile

HR Policies

HRNetwork creates customised policies to maximize output and create a mutually-beneficial working environment for employers and employees.

HR Tools

We provide a fully comprehensive range of HR tools with which to implement your policies and procedures. We also provide HR templates for small businesses through ourHR Shop.

Job Descriptions

Employees need to know what is expected of them and how their performance is going to be managed. HRNetwork can help you to create job descriptions specific to every level of employment and ensure that the needs of employer and employees are met.