Public And Legislative Sectors Division


As a special branch of HRNetwork, the Public and Legislative Sectors Division provides an unmatched service to both the public and legislative sectors. This is unique because this division has a wealth of experience in these sectors, something unparalleled thus far. Its consultants have specific experience and expertise:

In the public sector, in the fields of:

o   State Owned Enterprises

o   Regulatory Bodies and Chapter 9 Institutions

o   Local Government

o   Health; Social Development and Social Welfare; Higher Education; Environment and Tourism; Arts and Culture; agriculture; rural development

o   Public service administration and management across all levels

o   Public finance management.


In the legislative sector, in the fields of:

o   Research and report writing

o   Operationalisation of the constitutional principles including the doctrine of separation of powers

o   Legislative function including legislative drafting

o   Oversight function

o   Public participation process

o   International participation process

o   Committee system

o   Rules of procedure

o   Public finance management.


The general elections every five years pose challenges to skills retention in public and legislative structures. HRNetwork helps to rebuild the lost skills and hone the skills of those who return to the legislatures for another term. It improves the interface between public offices and the legislature by helping them understand their obligations in terms of the Constitution

The terms of office bearers or boards of Public Bodies are time-bound. When new office bearers assume office, they need assistance to understand the separation of roles between the Boards and management structures, which tend to create role conflict in these institutions.

HRNetwork offers a range of professional services and programmes which can be tailor-made to address the specific needs of each institution. To this end, the Division offers a suite of services and support customised to the specific and unique needs of the various departments and organisations within the public sector, as well as national and provincial legislatures, parliamentary associations and regulatory bodies. This includes a continuum of services and programmes developed over several years by HRNetwork; ranging from human resource strategies, human resource talent acquisition and retention, training and development, leadership coaching and mentoring, organisational development, performance management and skills. Our consultants will partner with you to ensure alignment of our services with your objectives and specific needs. We are well positioned and resourced to facilitate/provide, amongst others:

o   Development of strategic plans including performance measures

o   Critical evaluation of OD & organisational structures (design)

o   Workflows and decision-making

o   Performance audits

o   Service delivery improvement plans

o   Change management (People, systems, processes design)

o   Performance culture enablement for service delivery

o   skills acquisition

o   skills retention strategies

o   management/leadership development

o   policy review/development

o   Programme monitoring and evaluation.


Our focus is on building on good practice while identifying areas for improvement and upskilling management and staff to ensure optimal implementation of institutional, departmental or project objectives and service delivery.