Productivity Improvements

Productivity improvement is critical for any organisation and business concern effective return on investment- both of people and processes. It is in this light that we at HRNetwork, through our full range of business advisory, human capital, Organisational Development and training services and products, are able to integrate productivity improvements in our client organisations.

While most clients apply a process of continuous improvement, it is only through and in an enabling work environment that fosters creativity, innovation as well as commitment, that productivity can be improved. When systems, processes and people are directed to work harmoniously together in symbiotic relationships productivity is maximised.


Five key levers to productivity improvement – every day

Cost reduction has been a major business tactic for improved profitability and share market performance, especially for the past 5-7 years. However this approach is rapidly approaching its sell by date, as businesses find it harder and harder to make substantial one-off financial gains. Many businesses, have depleted the financial resources and working capital and have no investment to make into new equipment and human capital. Productivity Improvement is now a complex process of manipulating business levers in concert.

The five key levers for every-day productivity improvement are:

  • Cost structure
  • Organisation of work
  • Business processes
  • Systems and IT
  • People and Knowledge Management

At HRNetwork we integrate these five levers and, working in conjunction with your leaders and staff, will develop a framework and approach in order to embed continuous improvement process that results in higher levels of productivity. To achieve this goal, each of the levers needs to be integrated into the “business as usual” processes in the organisation and not just visited or re-visited periodically in response to challenges in the external business environment.

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