Winning Problem Solving



Days: 2

CPD Points: 2

Learning Outcomes:

  • Introduce the importance of People and their contribution to the success of organizations.
  • Develop practical approaches that enhance communications success
  • Explore the various theories of motivation and how to apply those theories in practice.
  • Power and authority in the workplace and the impact on organizational success and Effectiveness.
  • Build a justification for diversity in the workplace that supersedes political and moral emphasis and requirements.
  • Introduce the importance of supporting employees in all aspects of their private life (those that impact their workplace effectiveness and efficiency) and work life.
  • Summarize the overall impact of people on organizational success and the multiple interventions that are available to optimize their contribution.

Target Audience:

Any person (in particular managers) who wishes to apply creative problem solving and decision making skills to arrive at winning solutions!


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