Winning Assertive Communication



Days: 2

CPD Points: 2

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how assertive you are
  • Recognise how your belief systems affect your communication style
  • Recognise the effect that your self-esteem has on your communication style
  • Learn about the 10 basic human rights and learn how to put these basic rights into assertive behaviour
  • Differentiate between the different behavioural styles – assertiveness, aggression and non-assertiveness
  • Identify ways you respond to given situations
  • Use self-fulfilling prophecy to reprogrammed your negative self-talk and therefore your emotions and feelings that are the impetus for your negative behaviours
  • Talk about your feelings in an assertive way
  • Listen actively which will assist you with your assertiveness
  • Choose assertive words carefully for the appropriate situation
  • Select the appropriate assertive body language for a given situation
  • Distinguish between sympathetic and empathetic responses to others’ behaviour and how to respond empathetically for positive outcome
  • Learn how to not take the situation personally – some conflict management techniques
  • Put the 7 assertiveness management tools into practice
  • Develop TOOLS for a “Winning Assertive Communication TOOLKIT”
  • Develop a personal assertiveness communication plan

Target Audience:

Anyone wanting to win at assertive communication for effective relationships


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