Not that any of us need any encouragement, but there really are health and wellness benefits to getting a break every once in a while. If you’re worried about loss of productivity this December…you are not alone! This said, the secret to work-life integration is for us all to schedule sort breaks throughout the year
What a privilege it has been for me (Stan Horwitz) to be elected to serve on the Main Board of the International Society of Organisation Development & Change (ISODC) – based in the USA over the past 2 years. These thought leaders are shifting the frontiers of thinking in the OD Field as organisations
By Monique Glass (Industrial and Consulting Psychologist, HR Network, Johannesburg)   Typical things that are overheard outside the psychometric testing venue: “What are psychometrics! I have no idea what to expect?” “I am so nervous about doing psychometrics. I am sure my results will be bad!” “I know I am not good at maths so
Social media has tangible and sustainable business value as collaboration channels. When implemented effectively, it can result in greater sales, productivity and higher customer engagement. And when harnessed correctly social can transform the way your business works. So just how do you get everyone on board? Let’s take a look…   1. Make Social Collaboration
Written by Stan Horwitz Master OD Practitioner SABPP Organisational Development as a profession has grown significantly in terms of quantum, content, process, and relevance in the past decade. Today, organisational development is required and viewed as central to an organisation’s futurology. Organisational Development relies on internal and external OD partners involved in the long term,
by Dr Leon Gabriel Senior HR Network Consultant: Public and Legislative Sectors The recent National and Provincial elections on 7 May 2014, not only ushered in our fifth Parliament, but also marked 20 years of democracy in South Africa. The 2014 general election is also significant in that it was the first election following the
Great leaders understand and appreciate the contribution and value of each employee. Employees, in turn, lend their respect to good leaders. Yet all leaders are perfect in their imperfection(s) while striving to seek elusive perfection! Inevitably, not all leaders are looked up to by the people who work for them, as a recent review by
Also known as human capital, human resources, is the pool of talent and skills that propel a company towards growth and new targets. Human resource management is a valuable skill that needs to be generated if you want to get the most out of your human capital. This article addresses the commonly asked question “what
The SAODN Cape Town Session: “Transformational Storyboarding” with Stan Horwitz will be taking place on 13 June 2013. We still have seats available so please don’t forget to book your seat and bring a friend / colleague with you. Story telling has deep roots steeped in African tradition. For centuries stories have been a cornerstone
How much does your organisation spend on your human capital strategy and what are the benefits it is returning? If you don’t know, take a look at this because, as they say, if you don’t know the numbers, you’re not in the game. Having an effective human capital strategy is different to workforce and strategic
Also known as human capital, human resources, is the pool of talent and skills that propel a company towards growth and new targets. Human resource management is a valuable skill that needs to be generated if you want to get the most out of your human capital. This article addresses the commonly asked question “what
Human capital planning is the method through which an organisation creates an integrated network of human capital plans, policies and practices. In order to be effective the human capital strategy needs to be aligned with the organisational mission, goals and objectives through the analysis, planning, investment and management of human capital programs. The plan forms

Work Life Balance in 2013

If you thought your love affair with your smart phone and your ability to work a 20-hour day made you a super employee, think again. New research is uncovering just how destructive the forces that keep us connected to our jobs really are in non-work hours. If you want to maintain your sanity this year,
As the voluntary Communication and Membership Director for the SAODN I would like to you to consider professional membership and affiliation with the South African Organisation Development Network. The South African Organisation Development Network (SAODN) is a not-for-profit company which actively promotes the practice, and sets the standards, of organisational development in South Africa and
Investing in team building is a crucial step for your organisational strategy and success. How seriously does your organisation take having fun? While there are sceptics out there who may not believe in the value of team building, it is important to take note that there have not yet been any studies done to find
Things are looking up for professionals in pursuit of that evasive work-life balance. It’s not all one-sided either: experts tell us that balance is just as good for organisational development as it is for staff morale. Here are some facts and figures… The Stats Are Positive From An Organisational Development Point of View According to
psychometric assessments
Now considered a reactionary method of employee management, performance reviews and appraisals are dirty words in many corporate organisations because of  their negative connotations and associations. It’s not conducive to fostering confidence if employees need to sit through a session telling them about the areas they have failed throughout the year and it’s a risky

Team Effectiveness and Change Management

Effective leadership is about driving team members to facilitate change management. It is through human resources that we can put the theories of change management into practice and see results. Structuring team work around change is what takes change management out of the theoretical realm and puts it into action, at all levels within an
Generating a fun and engaging culture in your workplace is an important part of your HR strategy. In fact, for those who want to be a little more progressive, it might be one of the objectives of your HR strategy. The benefits of encouraging your staff to have fun at work are endless: it cultivates
The local business landscape appears to hold a lot of potential for 2013, with reports that September and October 2012 have seen fewer year on year liquidations and that confidence is high for small and medium-sized business owners. The results of this year’s Census have also highlighted how exponentially our major cities are growing, specifically
Promoting an employee to a management position requires the person to take on a different mindset and acquire a new set of skills to meet their demands of their new appointment. If the relevant leadership consulting and training is not provided it could mean a disaster for the organisation and the employee. Harnessing that potential may
Good leadership is essential for the success of any organisation and all companies need to adopt an effective leadership cycle to ensure that the changing demands of their markets are being met. There are a number of key considerations that need to be taken into account when creating an effective leadership cycle and, while not
Between learning something new and taking a few calculated risks is a field called innovation, and this is somewhere that most organisations want to be. In order to balance risk-taking with potential gains, the Organisational Development Process must embrace the importance of effective leadership and the art of collaboration between leaders and the workforce. An
Many professionals working in human resources and wanting to take their own careers to the next level pursue a human resources management course, which is available in formal and short human resource management courses around the country. In order to achieve the outcomes required by the course, you need to have a foundation in human
The process of performance management is an integral part of any organization’s business plan, as it helps to ensure that goals and objectives are being met. It can be used specifically to monitor the progress of an employee or department or it may be applied to marketing in order to build a service or product.
Business management training gives a holistic and complete understanding of how to run and maintain a successful business. You are given a balanced approach of theoretical knowledge with practical, working examples that you can apply in the business world. This works both ways as there are just as many examples of what to do to
Organisational development is a change management strategy that has been employed across the world for more than 40 years. Its primary definition is concerned with the way in which organisations and people function and how they can be made to function more productively by using social and human processes. The need for the organisational development