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HRNetwork is proud to support and work with HR Manage software which is the ultimate “Complete Human Resources Software Solution”. HR Manage is an intelligent Performance Management System that can be customised to meet the needs of clients ranging from medium sized to international businesses. This performance management system consists of modules related to specialist functions in a HR department. These modules include Employee Data Management, Employment History, Job Profiling, Training Management, Certification, Performance Management, Employment Equity, Disciplinary Actions, Leave Administration.

Move beyond data capturing and reporting. HR Manage unlocks the strategic functions of a HR department by helping you to analyse the return on investment of your human capital development program.

Comply with SETA ETQA regulations. HR Manage was developed against the backdrop of the NQF and other Labour Legislation requirements.

HR Manage reflects the best practices of leading South African corporations in both the private and public sector.

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Program Modules

Employee Management & Occupational History

General biographic information can be captured / imported for the employees, vacancies and external trainees can be created on the system. Employees can be linked to Job Profiles which will then automatically place the employees in the correct Occupational Groups and Levels for Employment Equity and SETA related reports.

Training Administration & Certification

Schedule, track and manage training within your company. Training for employees can be scheduled for the whole year in advance and workplace skills plan can then be based on actual planned information. Tracking can be done per intervention / unit standard and certificates can be generated and printed for completed training directly from HR Manage. Training managed here will also reflect in reports generated for the SETA and the Employment Equity Report.

Scheduled Interventions not completed by the target completion date will be highlighted in the Training Manager to ensure that the system stays maintained. Training that has expired (e.g. Forklift Training), will be highlighted a month in advance to allow enough time to reschedule the employee in advance.

Job Profiling Software

This module builds up a library of job profiles that can be linked to employees and used in Performance and Competence Reviews. The Occupational Group, Occupational Level, Job Grade and OFO Code must be linked to the Job Title so that employees allocated to the job title will print correctly in SETA related reports. KPAs and KPIs for each type of review can be linked to the job profile which will be used as the default employee profile when the employee is allocated to the job title. The employee profile can then be customized for the individual. This module is completely customizable to support the customer’s job profiling methodology and naming conventions.

Performance Management System

Multiple performance & competence review methodologies are supported and multiple reviews can form a review process that enables easier tracking and maintenance of reviews completed or not completed. Version 4 of this software is based on 10 years of collective experience in performance management software. The module is entirely web based, which means that a manager can log in and review employees working for him. Advanced features include multiple reviewers per review, 360 degree reviews, attachments, secure sign-off and more.

Survey & Assessment Module

This module was developed from scratch to enable companies to conduct surveys and assessments. Surveys can be sent to employees, customers or prospect clients for feedback or market research purposes. In the case of customer feedback, the survey results can be linked to a specific employee and used for evidence during performance appraisals. This module can also be used for assessments on employees after training as well as 360 degree reviews.

Payroll Integration

HR Manage can interface with almost any payroll so that employees in HR Manage are updated monthly, weekly or sometimes even automatically overnight from payroll. Importing can be set up between HR Manage and any ODBC data source. If the payroll is not ODBC compatible, the data will have to be exported to Excel, Access or some other ODBC compatible destination. This includes SQL Server, exported Excel worksheets, MS Access database files, etc.

Leave Administration

Although Leave Administration is usually part of payroll, the standard payrolls seem to lack the advanced features required by a lot of organisations when it comes to applying and approving leave via a web interface. Our Leave Administration System is flexible to allow for a lot of advanced rules to be implemented including multiple approvers, graphical view of leave applied for in department, selling of leave and more. This module can also be managed from the Windows application and employees can view their leave balances online, apply for leave and see the progress of their applications. Managers can log onto the web to view leave applications by their sub-ordinates and approve / reject the applications.

Employment Equity Reporting Module

Users can capture Employment Equity Targets and generate the Employment Equity Report with the press of a button. Report is saved as an Excel spreadsheet. This module also includes the Employment Equity Movement report which is a scaled-down version of the Employment Equity report that can be generated on a monthly basis.

Program Features

Powerful user interface

HR Manage is designed on a unique easy-to-use, yet very powerful user interface. The look-and-feel for the different modules are standard with features such as a very advanced Filter Engine, customizable column layout for listed records which can export to Excel with the press of a button. The system allows for multiple copies of the same window to be open (each with a different applied filter).

HR Manage 4.0 boasts with a new powerful modern Office 2010 style user interface that is easy to use with a lot of shortcuts to get quick results.
The web interface uses new easy-to-use, feature-rich controls and provides access to the various modules by means of dashboards.


HR Manage has its own user accounts management which means that the program administrator can set up access for other users in HR Manage without having to log a call with their IT department. The user can also choose to link his HR Manage username to his Windows username to enable password-less access. The program is very secure and access can be set up for specific features within the various modules as well as access to employees within specific branches / departments / divisions / job grades.

Email Notifications

HR Manage can send email notifications when certain events occur. The people who will receive the notifications, if notifications are sent and the content / text of the email to be sent can all be customised. Some notifications are sent automatically (e.g. applying for leave) while others are manual (e.g. Send email to person to attend training).

Document Publishing

HR Manage now enables companies to publish their HR Policies, Procedures and any other documents that must be available to company employees or even outside parties, on the web. Access to certain folders and documents can be specified to allow either employees, HR Manage Users or anyone with access to the intranet.

Organizational Chart

HR Manage can generate organizational charts based on the employees in the database. The organisational chart can be generated as text in a tree (similar to folders in Windows Explorer) or graphically (similar to shapes in Visio). Employees can also zoom in on different parts of the organisational chart.

Client Customisation

HR Manage is a generic human resource system that can be customised to meet the client’s needs. The system is extremely customisable and most fundamental changes can be done by the program administrator. In addition to current functionality, we are also willing to develop new functionality based on client requests which can either form part of new HR Manage versions or if the request is very custom, we can develop it as a plugin for HR Manage.

Some of the features that can be customised include:

  • User interface, themes and colour scheme for the web interface
  • Locations & Security – Specify own naming conventions and on which location levels should security be enforced on
  • Training Administration – Types of interventions and how they are linked to other interventions
  • Certification – Certificate types & formats and how certificate numbers are generated for each type
  • Job Profiling – Types and naming conventions of profile components (KPA, Major Output, KRA)
  • Performance Management System – Everything from the how the review will display, the rating sets to use and how the process must be followed.
  • Email Notifications – The content and layout of email notifications can be modified
  • External Plugins – Plugins can be developed to fully integrate with HR Manage. E.g. a plugin can contain an action to perform on a selected employee like manage travel log entries. These plugins can be developed either by us or by other developers.


HR Manage version 4.0 and the web based modules were developed on Visual Studio 2010 and the Microsoft .NET Framework 4. The data is stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database. Any 3rd party tools and components used in the development are from market leading providers. All development done on HR Manage is always based on the latest Microsoft Technologies.

Version 4.0 was developed using advanced compression and caching techniques to optimise performance for use over WANs and the internet. The user interface has been simplified even further and calls to the server have been minimized.

HR Manage is developed based on best practices found in a wide range of industries and national government departments. Developed specifically for the South African needs. The software has been tested independently by VeriTest, a testing service of Lionbridge Technologies. Software is certified with “Compatible with Windows 7” and “Works with SQL Server 2008”.

Continuous Development

Continuous development is being done on HR Manage to ensure that we stay up to date with the latest technologies, requirements and laws (E.g. New SETA & EE reports). The new developments also include customer requests which contributes towards to the collective skills and knowledge behind the system.

This results in updates, bug fixes, new features and modules being available on a monthly basis. Maintenance clients are updated on a regular basis or as new features are required. Up to date Version History and Planned Future Releases are available on this website.

Change Management, Project Management and user training

We ensure a successful implementation with at least 50% of the implementation of our efforts focused on “on boarding” users in setting a culture of measuring and evaluation. Our well tested and trusted Change  Management methodologies and experience enable s us to ensure successful implementations. We manage all projects utilising sound Project management principles and provide regular feedback to the Steering Committees and SIGS. User training is comprehensive and we have a number of cost effective models that can be customised based on individual client needs and operations.

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