About Our Founder

HRnet is led by Stan Horwitz who is a recognised Master HR and OD practitioner with over 20 years of large scale strategic and operational business, HR, organisational change, business consulting and project management experience.

Stan, having worked his way over the past 20 years through the ranks of HR and business line management at every level, can say that he truly operates as a strategic business partner. He has a solid understanding of strategic and operational business related issues and needs. He responds to these needs proactively by designing and implementing appropriate business, Organisational Development, Change, HR and skills development solutions.

Stan plays a strategic partnership role to many of South Africa’s leading organisations across many sectors of the economy. Primarily he is known for making strategy work. As a strategic implementer, he has developed well-tested OD and change methodologies and toolkits which have been applied by clients in many sectors and programmes of change. These clients integrated the toolkit into their Programme Office driving change and transformation of people, processes, systems and culture. Stan has presented a number of conferences on a wide range of topical HR issues including: Organisational Change; Mergers and Acquisitions and E – HR. In August 2006 he presented a full public seminar on Strategic HR Management and presented a conference on conducting HR Audits. In 2009 he presented a conference in Nairobi on Strategic Planning. In 2013 he has chaired the Annual Knowledge Resources Organisational Development Conference. He participated in the SABPP’s Professional Standard Setting Summit for HR Practitioners representing OD. Stan recently facilitated and presented at the IIR 7th Annual Forum of the Organisational Design and Development Conference the latest OD and HR Net innovation - Transformational Storyboarding Methodology. This alternative OD approach taps and records individual and organisational Wisdoms used in unfolding Futures through presencing.

Stan is an energetic, passionate, mature, creative, well balanced, team player who thrives on change (personal and organisational) and who understands how to prepare organisations for the future while managing their present environments. Stan is regarded as a business, HR and developmental expert.

Stan keeps abreast of business, OD and HR developments globally. His focus on organisational change has included key areas such as change leadership; coaching and mentoring; Organisation Design and Development as well as the design and implementation of change programmes. He also specialises in organisational transformation and is a member of ISOD – the International Society of Organisational Development.

His grass roots experience was initially based in the retail and banking sectors in Johannesburg but currently spans to most sectors of the economy. Stan worked internally as a Senior Line Manager and HR practitioner at Woolworths for a number of years. He then joined the Standard Bank Group Head Office as a Senior Organisational Development (OD) Specialist and subsequently headed the OD function at Stannic with 20 staff. He left Standard Bank to move to Cape Town for personal reasons. It was from this base that he joined PricewaterhouseCoopers in a senior consulting role before establishing HR Outsource in 1998 where he was the founder and Managing Director. He continues to add value through the strategic solutions that he offers to a diverse client base. At HR Outsource, he sourced numerous clients in developing the business, maintained relationships and managed projects. This spanned both the public and private sectors and the client list reflects many well established top brands and organisations in Southern Africa.

After selling HR Outsource in July 2009, Stan established HR Network. HR Network is a multidisciplinary network of Business, HR, OD, Training and Management Consultants offering a wide range of services and products. HRN has recently extended its franchise operations nationally. HRN draws on and matches clients’ diverse needs with the best, specialised skills and experience in Southern Africa. HR Net is an accredited provider of training services by the ETQA of the SABPP for CPD purposes.

Stan completed his Master’s Degree in Commerce at the University of Cape Town in 2007. He achieved half academic colours for his undergraduate degree and holds a PDM in HR – a post graduate diploma from Wits Business School. Stan was recognised in 2010 as a Master HR Practitioner (the highest level attainable for a HR practitioner in SA) in Organisational Development by the South African Board of People Practices (SABPP). The SABPP is the statutory Education and Training Quality Assurance (ETQA) for HR in South Africa. He is also on The Board of the South African Organisation Development Network (SAODN) as Director Marketing and communications. Stan is a past Chairman of the Community Intervention Centre Exco and a member of the Board of Patrons.

For details on any of our service lines please email:info@hrnconsulting.co.za

Stan Horwitz
Master OD Practitioner (SABPP)
M.Com; PDM, B.Soc.Sci

Global political, economic and social climates continue to change. These represent more than “Cycles of change” and reflect distinct patterns. These patterns offer opportunities for reflection, learning and growth.

In my experience, People centered people, businesses and organisations generally survive and often thrive no matter the challenge if they can recognize and plan for the patterns. Shape and form may change, but essence and core remain. The one sustainable assest that we all have in our personal and work lives that leads us to grow through change are sustainable relationships.

It is these relationships (business and personal) that define the very essence of HRN. Together with my Business, OD, HR and Training Network, we at HRN partner you to build sustainable relationships.